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Know the artist

Ankita Sharma

Self-taught artist, having fun with colors since the age of 10, began working professionally with acrylic, oil and graphite charcoal since 2013. My favorite subject is water, i connect to it more on a spiritual note i feel. You would find all shades of blue in abundance on my art shelf.

Apart from being an artist, i'm a teacher at Riverside School, Ahmedabad currently where i have absolute fun teaching English Literature and language.

I am fond of digging up stories and characters from hindu folktales and bhakti, and bring out the essence of them aesthetically into my paintings. Most of my paintings are caressed and shaped by my fingers and not brush, not for any other reason than the simple joy of touching the color and amalgamating my imagination into reality.

Can't wait to pack one for you!

With love.

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